We believe in making optimal health and fitness available to everyone!

We work to ensure our clients have all the tools to be the best versions of themselves. Our training is designed to optimize health, fitness, function, and athleticism.

What Makes Us Different

We are a team of medical professionals, fitness professionals, educators, and athletes. Our team is qualified to optimize health, fitness, athleticism, and rehabilitation. Most fitness programs specialize in just one training method i.e kettlebell training, cardio, or yoga. Our programs utilize the best of each method in an integrated system to enhance performance in athletes, while providing physical medicine and rehab to individuals in pain or deconditioned states.


Our Leadership Team



Lisa is a founding member of EliteFitnessNow.com. She has been nurse practitioner for almost 20 years. She is an expert on preventative healthcare, cardiology, internal medicine and strength and conditioning.

Lisa herself is an avid athlete. She began as a competitive gymnast and actively participates in both gymnastics and martial arts. She loves weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebell training, TRX training, high-intensity metabolic conditioning, and effective forms of stretching.

She developed this program to help others achieve the strength, speed, power and mobility of a gymnast— while having the aerobic, anaerobic capacity and endurance of a competitive martial artist. She strives to create a state of optimal health and wellness for our clients.



Mike is a nurse practitioner, strength and conditioning coach, and yoga instructor. He focuses on functional strength and conditioning, movement optimization, physical medicine and rehab, and mental toughness training. He began working in internal medicine, while quickly discovering that many diseases can be prevented with proper lifestyle modifications. Mike's mission has always been improving health and wellness though proper exercise, nutrition, and appropriate use of medicine.

Mike was an avid athlete for over 20 years. He was involved in the following sports: Martial arts, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Swimming, Running, and Cycling. Additionally, Mike has an extensive background in the following training techniques: yoga, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell training, sandbag training, battling ropes, TRX, and other forms of unconventional training.

Mike holds both a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) and Business (MBA) from Widener University.

Rebecca Berman BS, RD, RYT-200

Director, Yoga For Fitness Programs

Rebecca is responsible for the development of our yoga for fitness programs. She teaches Vinyasa based yoga programs to improve mobility, core stability, and strength.

She is a registered dietician and licensed dietician in the state of Florida since 2005.

She brings almost 15 years of health and wellness experience to EliteFitnessNow.

She holds B.S in nutrition from Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Eric Infanti MA, ERYT-500

Director, Medical and Longevity Yoga Programs

Eric along with the medical and fitness staff is responsible for the development of our yoga-based rehab programs.

Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and different training methods to Elite Fitness Now. He has been teaching yoga for 20 years.

Eric is a US Marine Corps veteran. Eric is a licensed massage therapist, a certified personal trainer and is kettlebell and TRX certified coach.

Eric is an avid martial artist. He holds a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Eric holds a master’s degree from Union Institute & University.

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