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How To Program The Perfect Training Session

Administrator May 15, 2019

Getting the most out of your training requires you to perform each element of the training session in the proper order. The order of the session can minimize the risk of injuries and maximize the results of each training session.

We use the following sequence in our sessions:

  1. Prehab – In this phase, we perform joint mobility exercises and certain exercises to prevent injuries.
  2. Movement preparation – In this phase, we perform dynamic mobility exercises to optimize mobility and muscle activation for the training session. This is to reduce the risk of injury and maximize the results of the training session.
  3. Movement skills – In this phase, we train athletic movement patterns and speed work.
  4. Power training – In this phase, we train the athlete for explosiveness and power. Power must be trained before strength as power training will not reduce strength during the rest of the training session, but strength training before power will reduce power and minimize the effectiveness of the training session.
  5. Strength Training – This is where we train to enhance functional strength.
  6. Metcon – This is where we train for cardiovascular health as well as train all the body’s energy systems (i.e. phosphor create, lactate and oxidative pathways).
  7. Mobility – Here, we stretch to enhance mobility and function.
  8. Recovery Techniques – This is where we perform self-massage techniques to get the body to recover faster so the body can get better results from the training session.

Now you know the proper sequence for a pro-athlete training session.

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