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Is Yoga Good for Athletes?

Administrator May 07, 2019

At, we love yoga.

Yoga has many benefits, and they can be seen below:

  • Relaxation
  • Enhanced stability
  • Enhanced balance
  • Enhanced mobility

But is yoga good for athletes? The answer is that it depends. Some components of yoga are very beneficial for athletes while others will predispose an athlete to increased risk of injury. Some types of yoga can help enhance recovery while other types of yoga can predispose an athlete to overtraining.

Whether we are speaking about Athlete training, healthy people, or injured individuals, we like to avoid the following types of yoga poses. These types of poses create risk of injury, especially to the back:

  • Any pose with spinal flexion (rounding) under load (i.e. Standing head to knee)
  • Any pose with spinal flexion and rotation (i.e. revolved triangle)
  • Any pose where you are overly stretching the arms behind the back

For our athletes, we have modified the riskier yoga poses to receive all the benefits of yoga with reduced risk. Additionally, we have taken the overly-physically demanding yoga poses out of our athlete sequences. There is only so much training an athlete can do without overtraining. We have removed the demanding poses which are included in many strength and conditioning programs. These poses do very little to improve an athlete’s strength, speed, power, and stamina, and they can easily push a hard training athlete into overtraining. So, our athlete yoga training is very purposeful and methodical.

For our physical rehab clients, we build custom yoga sequences designed to enhance mobility, stability, balance, and strength. We remove the risky yoga poses. When the patient has sufficient mobility, stability, and strength, we use other methods with yoga to reduce an individual’s pain and improve function.

For individuals looking for basic fitness and wellness, we integrate yoga into their programs as well. We always remove the risky yoga poses, but here, we add the more demanding yoga poses. In this manner, the individual can get some light strength training along with the yoga sessions. Since the wellness client is getting some light strength training in their yoga sessions, they can spend less time in other components of their fitness program.

So, at, we absolutely love yoga. We just want to make sure we provide the right amount and type of yoga in our fitness prescriptions. provides online strength and conditioning programs, physical medicine, rehab programs, and wellness programs. We offer these programs online so that peak health, wellness, and performance are available to all.


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