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Risk vs Reward in Strength and Conditioning

Administrator May 15, 2019

When we travel, we don’t have the luxury to train in our performance training center. Thus, we find a local gym where we can train. It always amazes us what we see people doing in most gyms. We see one of two patterns of behavior, and they can be seen below:

  • Individuals are performing a bunch of sculpting exercises that will do little to improve their strength, speed, power, athleticism, mobility, or health
  • Individuals who are training hard, trying to get really fit by performing a wide range of interesting-looking exercises that they have seen on the internet.

For the individuals that are training hard and doing these interesting exercises, we ask them: What is the goal of the exercise? We generally get this answer: I saw it on Instagram or YouTube, and it looked cool, and I want to be fit.

We are always excited to see people who are truly concerned about fitness. We typically have a discussion with these motivated individuals about our training philosophy. There are two main tenants that we believe are critical to a great strength and conditioning coach. They can be seen below:

  • All exercises have some degree of risk. In order to use the exercise in a good training program, the benefits of the exercise must outweigh the risk of injury.
  • Every exercise must serve a purpose. You can’t perform an unlimited number of exercises without getting over trained. Therefore, every exercise in the program must work to make the individual better, stronger, faster, healthier, and more powerful, mobile, and athletic.

We would like you to think about the risks and rewards of every exercise in your training program. Effective training makes you better in every aspect of your life—so train like your life depends on it.

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