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Stability vs. Mobility

Administrator March 16, 2019

As medical professionals, strength and conditioning professionals, yoga instructors and athletes, we find ourselves in a position where there is always a debate about mobility and stability.

Here is the debate:

If your body is not stable in the right areas, you will likely get injured and live with chronic pain.

Conversely, if you are not sufficiently mobile, you will likely get injured and live with chronic pain.

Wait. What? Did we just contradict ourselves? Well, not really but somewhat.

Here is the key: you need to be stable and mobile in all the right areas.

  • You want a mobile big toe (Hallux)
  • You want a stable foot
  • You want a mobile ankle
  • You want stable knees
  • You want mobile hips
  • You want a stable lower back
  • You want a mobile thoracic spine
  • You want great scapular mobility
  • You want a stable neck

So, here is the key. Stretching is incredibly important. And we love yoga.

But the next time you are in a yoga class and someone encourages you to round the lumbar spine like in Standing head to knee in Bikram yoga, ask yourself if it is a good idea, and modify accordingly.

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