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The Life Lift

Administrator March 16, 2019

There is possibly more confusion surrounding the deadlift than any other exercise.

  1. Deadlifts are bad for your back
  2. Deadlifts are good for your back
  3. Deadlifts are leg exercises
  4. Deadlifts are back exercises

It’s a never-ending list of confusion. Deadlifts strengthen the entire body. However, we would classify them as a lower body pulling movement.

We believe that the deadlift is good for you as long as proper technique is performed. In fact, we think the deadlift should be renamed to the life lift, as it has so much to offer!

The deadlift is a hip hinge, not a squat. When personal trainers or other people say to get your butt down there— it makes you cringe as it forces a squat technique. Unfortunately, when you turn a deadlift into a squat (except when using a trap bar), this movement pattern forces rounding of the lumbar spine. Rounding of the lumbar spine under load can cause herniated disks.

In a proper deadlift, there is a flat back, and the movement is a hip hinge. For more information about the difference between a squat and a deadlift, subscribe today at or watch the free YouTube video on our YouTube channel.


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