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The Lunge May Be the Perfect Exercise

Administrator April 24, 2019

At, we absolutely love the lunge. The Lunge may be the perfect exercise for enhancing fitness, athletic performance and (in many cases) physical medicine and rehab.

These are the reasons we love the lunge so much.

In a properly performed lunge, the knee will track over the feet. From a physical medicine and rehab perspective, the person gets the following benefits:

  • Increased ankle mobility (specifically dorsiflexion)
  • Increased ankle stability (prevention of ankle injuries)
  • Increased balance (prevention of ankle injuries)
  • Increased hip mobility (improved athletic performance and reduction of back pain)
  • Increased toe mobility (improved function and pain reduction)

From a performance perspective, the lunge has so much to offer. These benefits can be seen below:

  • Enhanced single leg strength
  • Muscle imbalance corrections
  • Increased lower body strength
  • Increased lower body mobility
  • Increased core strength

The lunge is the perfect progression to other important exercises. Many people cannot squat safely as they lack ankle mobility, hip mobility or core strength. The lunge (in many cases) will correct this problem allowing an individual to squat and deadlift properly.

So, we believe the lunge may be one of the best additions to a fitness program. Not all exercises are suitable for all individuals. Ask your healthcare provider if the lunge is right for you. provides online strength and conditioning programs. These programs provide the user programs similar to what a professional athlete would receive at a low monthly price. Additionally, has a daily podcast that provides health, wellness and fitness education.


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