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The Sandbag – Who Would Have Thought A Bag Full of Sand Could Be So Awesome

Administrator May 15, 2019

At, we love sandbag training. Sandbag training can bring so many benefits to a well-rounded strength and conditioning program. Benefits of sandbag training can be seen below:

  • Increased power – Sand bag movements are full body and are great at developing power
  • Learning tool – The sandbag is a great and effective way to learn more complex exercises like the clean
  • Rotational Strength – Sandbag training can be used in numerous rotational exercises such as the rotational lunge. This will promote incredible core strength and stability
  • Core Strength – As the sand shifts, it creates an unstable load that substantially increases core strength and stability
  • Metabolic conditioning – Sandbag exercises can really push the body’s energy systems to its limits. This can promote substantial increases in aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Rehab – Sandbags can be carefully and methodically integrated into a corrective exercise program. This can bring about substantial changes to mobility, core stability, and core strength

Given all the benefits of sandbag training, its portability, and its versatility, we believe the sandbag makes a great addition to a well-rounded strength and conditioning program.

Therefore, we use the sandbag in a lot of our training sessions. If your training includes sandbags, we hope you love it as much as we do. If not, you may want to try integrating some sandbag exercises in your training program.

Prior to using sandbags or beginning any type of exercise program, ask your physician if it is safe for you to exercise. provides online strength and conditioning programs, physical medicine, rehab programs, and wellness programs. We offer these programs online so that peak health, wellness, and performance are available to all.


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