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Training Is No Place for A Religious Argument!

Administrator March 16, 2019

As a team of medical professionals, strength and conditioning specialists and behavioral scientists, we cannot believe how many people are stuck on a single training method. To them, their performance training method is like a religion. They have tremendous faith and live by their method.

  • We do not believe in any training method. We believe in a comprehensive training system. Our rationale is listed below:
  • We believe that a barbell develops more brute strength than any other training apparatus
  • We believe that kettlebells develop excellent power, speed, and agility like nothing else
  • We believe that sandbag training is incredible at building rotational strength, power, and metabolic conditioning
  • We believe suspension training is excellent at developing stability, mobility, muscle endurance, and metabolic conditioning
  • We believe battle ropes are excellent at building muscle endurance and metabolic conditioning
  • We believe med balls are excellent at building rotational strength, speed, power, coordination, and athleticism
  • We believe that yoga is excellent for mobility, stability, and balance

And if there is a new or better tool available, we will integrate it into our system.

So, we believe that if you want to be a better athlete, unless your sport is specific to a training method (i.e Olympic lifting), it is in your best interest to follow an integrated model than a specific training method.

And if your goal is to be better, stronger, faster, and healthier, always use all the tools available to you.

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We believe that yoga is excellent for mobility, stability, and balance

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