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What is Core Training?

Administrator March 16, 2019

What is core training? Why is it so misunderstood?

The other day, we noticed an individual performing a one arm handstand and noted his balance and excellent core stability. He replied that core stability is silly and that the handstand doesn’t involve the core. He thought it was all shoulders. This individual obviously didn’t know that shoulders were part of the core. He also did not understand what core stability actually is.

First, let’s define the core. It consists of the upper thighs, the entire trunk and the shoulders. Now let’s define core stability. Core stability is the ability of the core to support power transfer from the feet to the hands. If the core is unstable, a handstand, power clean, snatch, punch, or kick will be impossible.

However, everyday life will be challenging as well. When there is an unstable core, there will likely be pain. Given that the core supports the body, a weak core will compromise movement. Additionally, there is a strong link between proximal (core) stability and distal (extremity) mobility.

So, core training is critical for your health, wellness, and athletic performance. training will strengthen your core, improve strength, power, speed, mobility, agility, and overall health and wellness. Sign up today, and get better every day!


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