Our Training


We adhere to the philosophy that when training muscles in an isolated manner your movement will suffer.

However, when training movement you will be stronger and more powerful in every aspect of your life. While aesthetic training is not our goal, when your health is optimized you will look great.

Training In 3D

We take a three-dimensional approach to training. Most fitness programs train in the two-dimensional world. Two-dimensional training involves horizontal movements (i.e bench press) and vertical movements (i.e bicep curl). Most everyday movements are three dimensional in that they involve pushing, pulling, and rotation. Our training focuses on movements needed to optimize performance in all aspects of life or sport.

Athletes training in a periodization manner that optimizes their performance gains and recovery. Our periodization includes these six phases:

  • 1 ) Enhance movement

  • 2 ) Build fitness foundation

  • 3 ) Increase stability

  • 4 ) Increase strength

  • 5 ) Increase work capacity (Strength-endurance)

  • 6 ) Increase power


Our training sessions are methodical and designed to improve every aspect of your performance. Our performance based training system uses the following flow:

  • 1 ) Prehab

  • 2 ) Movement preparation

  • 3 ) Movement skills

  • 4 ) Power training

  • 5 ) Strength training

  • 6 ) Metabolic Conditioning

  • 7 ) Mobility

  • 8 ) Recovery techniques

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