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What’s included?

Each program is designed to optimize an individuals fitness given time and activity level constraints.

All programs include:

  • Full exercise, movement prep, and mobility methods.

  • Recommended nutrition plan constructed by our medical professionals.

  • Detailed video instructions for each exercise.

Our specialized training system includes the following components in each session:

  • 1. Prehab

  • 2. Movement preparation

  • 3. Movement skills

  • 4. Power training

  • 5. Strength Training

  • 6. Metcon

  • 7. Mobility

  • 8. Recovery Techniques

Choose which program works best for you!

This program is designed for those who have limited time to train, have a very physically demanding job, or participate in heavily active hobbies or sports.

This program is designed for those who desire optimal strength and conditioning training. You will receive elite athlete level strength and conditioning results with this program.

This program is designed for those who desire optimal strength, conditioning, AND mobility. It is tailored to those who desired enhanced mobility in addition to strength and conditioning.

Home Based Program

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($30.00 / Month)

The home-based program will allow our clients to develop elite level fitness in the comfort of their home or any place they desire.

Martial Arts Program

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($30.00 / Month)

The martial arts program is based upon the specific needs of martial artists. This program builds exceptional strength, speed, power, agility, mobility and anaerobic capacity.

The surfing program will enhance your strength, agility, mobility, and balance to keep you surfing at your best.

Tactical Conditioning

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($30.00 / Month)

This program is for soldiers, firefighters, police officers and other individuals whose fitness is critical to their occupation.

Unconventional Training

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($30.00 / Month)

The unconventional training program is designed give the athlete an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, and unstoppable cardiovascular capacity. This program is based upon battle ropes, sandbags and suspension training.

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