Performance Training

Our Performance Training System is a system that leverages all the best tools in the strength and conditioning world to enhance your performance. We have hand-picked the most useful strength and conditioning methods and combined them to create an optimal system to improve your performance. Our Performance Training System gives you the advantages of each of several programs while minimizing the weaknesses of their systems. For example, we love suspension training for its ability to increase mobility, stability and metabolic conditioning. However, we find that athletes who train exclusively with suspension training lack real strength in a lot of areas. Similarly, we find barbell-only athletes to be very strong but often lack mobility, stability and rotational strength. By creating an integrated system of these exercises from each of these methods, we can deliver optimal results to our clients. We integrate the following methods into our Performance Training System.

Methods we use include:

  • Barbell Training

  • Dumbbell Training

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Kettlebell Training

  • Suspension Training

  • Movement Training

  • Yoga

  • Self-massage Techniques

  • Performance Nutrition

  • Battle Ropes

  • Sandbag Training

What’s included in the Performance Training System?

Our Performance Training System is a planned and periodized process that progressively increases physical workloads. It is designed in phases that will stimulate constant improvements in your physical performance. Our Performance Training System follows a periodization model. Elite athletes follow a periodization model, but the generic fitness community trains somewhat randomly. Learn more about periodization at the to periodization page.

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