Periodization Training

At Elite Fitness Now, our training is planned from the beginning to the end to help you achieve optimal performance. We follow a periodization training model for our athletes. We have created a phased approach to training to ensure that the athlete gets the most out of our training program. We break each training program into microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles. Performance training is an important process because the results of each phase in performance training are not immediate (it can take weeks to see them), but training a phase for too long leads to a point of diminishing returns.

Our periodization model is broken down into the following phases:

  • Enhance mobility

  • Build a fitness foundation

  • Increase stability

  • Increase strength

  • Increase work capacity (Strength-endurance)

  • Increase power

The objective of the Performance Training System is to improve athletic performance, improve physical health and prevent the body from injuries. In the professional athlete world, the goal of periodization training is to maintain and achieve maximum performance at the time of the competition. Both the volume of training and the intensity must be controlled so that the recovery is carried out properly after the mesocycles and/or microcycles. This training produces the desired adaptations and avoids the risk of overtraining. The goal of periodization training for our clients is to keep our clients performing at their best. We constantly control the volume and training intensity so our clients can achieve maximal results while minimizing the risk of overtraining. During overtraining, there is a high risk for injury. Additionally, overtraining causes the body to produce hormones that break down muscle, reduce strength, increase body fat and predispose the body to illness, injury and inflammation.

Benefits of Periodization Training

By using Periodization training and leveraging the best strength and conditioning tools, we can give our clients the best pro-athlete training results. We can deliver these results in a cost-effective manner so that everyone can train and be fit like a professional athlete. It is our goal to give everyone professional athlete results.

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